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Smoothing the hard edges comes in a picture when two images are to be combined. Or you have to remove a person or an object from the picture. The edges of those images get hampered. In this aspect, the one question that arises is how to photoshop smooth edges. The skill of using smooth edges helps to give a composite picture a natural effect.

To fulfill this need of having smooth edges can be achieved through various tools. Some of the techniques to smoother the edges are stated below:

Smooth images by anti-aliasing

Anti-aliasing is used to smoother the hard edges of your picture. It smoothes the jagged edges by using a soft color transition between the edge and background pixel. The picture remains intact as no details are lost. It is highly useful while cutting and pasting different pictures to extract a composite image. To use anti-alias, select the option of anti-alias. Anti-alias cannot be used to an existing selection.

Blurring the edges by feathering

Blur tool is one of the most used tools in terms of creating a smooth transition between images. Feathering blurs edges helps build a bridge around surrounding pixels.

Open the photo in a photoshop software. Select the blur tool option in the toolbox. Hold the “Alt” button and start scrolling the mouse on the section which needs to be blurred. To get the best results to choose the brush size a little larger than the edges. If a larger brush is used, it may hamper the image.

Refine Edge

Refine edge tool is used while dealing with complex edges. Open the image on photoshop software and choose the select menu. After the selection of select menu click on select and mask. Refine your choices in the property panel and access the view mode. Use quick selection to make broader changes and refine edge to make minute adjustments.

Photoshopping an image with a rough edge has become handy with the variety of software within reach of customers.

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