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The file cabinet of doxo has made a new change, as they have added a new twist to make bill payment easier for consumers by online bill payment service.  doxo is an app that can be used to store all the bills, documents and statements. The purpose of this service is to store important all-in-one documents in one place as a digital copy. Also, it has doxoPay, which is a bill payment service. doxo now has added auto-bill pay feature and in it, there is a limit of how much can be paid. For example, you can pay your electricity bill till it doesn’t cross $100. In the payment system of doxo there’s an inbox in which people can check their bills that are not paid yet, and by clicking on them, full details can be viewed.

AT&T and doxo

In the bill pay system doxo has made AT&T as their new partner. AT&T has over 100 million subscribers, and they are going to send their bills to their customers through doxo, and people can make payments directly from doxo to them. Days of paper bills are soon going to be obsolete, and the regular mails are going to be history.

doxo has other partners, such as Puget Sound Energy, Oregon Federal Credit Union, Sprint, Kansas City Power and Light, and many more. Small money is charged to the people who pay their bills through doxo, but it is a very small fee, even lesser than sending a mail.

People’s files can be synced using doxo on the hard drive of their personal computer, and by using services such as, Evernote, or Dropbox, all the files can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any given time. So, their backup digital files are safe always.

Sigma Partners, Bezos Expedition and Mohr Davidow Ventures back doxo. doxo also has a mobile app through which one can easily take a picture of the needed document or any receipt while they are even traveling and those documents can be stored in the doxo accounts.

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